Hydroxatone AM/PM Anti-Wrinkle Treatment Review


Price: $69.95

Free Trial: Yes, available by calling the company. 

Available In Stores: Yes

CV Editor Rating:

Disclaimer: I purchased this product with my own money. I am not being endorsed by any companies. This is my own personal account and results may vary due to everyone’s skin being different.

Hydroxatone is probably one of the most reviewed wrinkle creams on the internet. Their offers are all over TV and now everywhere from Facebook to Instagram. But does it really work? I have a few wrinkles and fine lines I wouldn’t mind getting rid of! For both this blog and vanity, I tried the cream for 30 days to see if the internet’s most talked about cream really worked.

Hydroxatone offers a free 30-day trial of their AM/PM Anti Wrinkle Complex on their official website. When I went to order the trial, a pop up instructed me to call in to place the order. Since I do most of my online shopping while I’m at work, I had to wait to get home to do this. After 20 minutes, I was finally able to order my trial. I paid $6.99 and received by order in 4 days.

First Impression: The cream came in a jar. This may not seem like a big deal to some, but jars are literally the worst way to package a cream. Especially a cream you put on your face. Bacteria transfers from your hands/nails into the cream, air exposure causes the ingredients to oxidize. There are so many reasons to not package creams in jars. As for the cream itself, it’s not too thick. It feels as if it will absorb quickly. There’s scent but nothing too offensive. It passes quickly. The product also contains SPF 15 which I’m not sure is good to wear at night?

Day 1: I applied Hydroxatone AM/PM in the morning after washing my face with my Aveeno face cleanser. I was right, the cream quickly absorbed into my skin. There wasn’t any tingling or burning sensation. Nothing that indicated it was actually working. My skin felt nice and moisturized. No instant results, but that wasn’t promised either. My foundation went on smoothly, which is a big deal because some creams contain so much silicone it can make foundation roll off. At the end of the day, I applied the cream again. I have sensitive skin, and this product hasn’t triggered any splotches or irritation.

Day 7: I’ve been using this cream for a week now. My skin is very soft, at times it even looks dewy. I haven’t noticed much difference in my wrinkles or fine lines, but it’s still very early to tell. My skin does look very hydrated, which at my age is very important.

Day 14: By now I was expecting to see some reduction in my wrinkles, but there isn’t really anything to write home about. Yes, my skin is very soft and moisturized, but it’s hardly wrinkle-free. I know some creams take longer, but the advertisement promised to “Erase the appearance of fine lines/crow’s feet and deep wrinkles”.

Day 30: My skin looks the same. I think I went into this trial with my hopes too high. I haven’t seen a single change in my skin.

Final Thoughts: This is an excellent moisturizer if you have dry skin. It will leave your skin looking hydrated and dewy. It will not get rid of your wrinkles or fine lines. The formula is very light and doesn’t cause any irritation. My skin feels nice and soft. I wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone because 1. It doesn’t work and 2. It’s too expensive for what it does. If you want soft and moisturized skin but aren’t concerned about wrinkles, pick up a Clinique moisturizer at Macys or Bloomingdales. They’re never more than $29.

Quick Recap


Free Trial Available
Fast Shipping
Moisturizes Skin
Absorbs Quickly
Contains SPF


X Doesn’t treat wrinkles
X Doesn’t treat dark spots
X Doesn’t treat sagging skin
X Expensive

CV Staff Kurt Winsleman
Kurt S. is a writer and product reviewer for Consumer Votes. He likes to try out and review almost every type of product, even beauty.
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