LifeCell Hair Restoration System Review

LifeCell Hair Restoration System Review

LifeCell is a popular cosmetics company that is well known for their all in one anti-aging product.  After the success of their flagship product, the company recently created a hair regrowth product called LifeCell Hair Restoration System.  The system is actually several products in one package including a shampoo, conditioner, restoration drops and supplements. This combination of products is designed to stimulate hair regrowth.

LifeCell Hair Restoration Ingredients

LifeCell includes one of the only FDA approved ingredients for over the counter hair loss (minoxidil). This ingredient of the formula is found in the drop container that comes with the multi-product package. LifeCell’s shampoo includes anti-DHT ingredients which focus on reducing DHT(the primary hormone and cause of hair loss). The conditioner keeps your hair healthy by providing nourishing ingredients that promote overall hair health. The supplement portion of the product package contains many hair growth promoting vitamins such as biotin.

How Does The Product Stimulate Hair Regrowth?

  • Reverses miniaturization of follicles.  Normally each hair follicle has between three and four hairs. However, miniaturization causes the follicle to shrink and reduce the overall number of hairs per follicle.  This reduction in hairs per follicle causes hair to appear thin and lack in density. LifeCell’s hair restoration system has ingredients certified by the FDA to help treat miniaturization.
  • Increases blood flow to follicles. Blood is the delivery system in which nutrients are distributed throughout our body. When our scalp is not receiving enough nutrients, our hair growth suffers. It’s as if our hair follicles are starving and that can cause slow growth or hair loss. LifeCell’s hair restoration has ingredients certified by the FDA to show increased blood flow. 
  • Stimulates follicle movement from resting to hair growth phase. Our hair has several different cycles from the beginning until it naturally falls out. However, in many cases due to hormone changes in our body, our hair can remain in resting phase. During the resting period, our hair either is not growing, or it appears very light and almost invisible. LifeCell contains ingredients to help stimulate hair into maturation or adulthood (the kind of hair that looks good on our head). 
  • Extends each follicle’s growth phase. LifeCell helps prolong the growth phase, so our mature hairs stop falling out so quickly. This allows for our hair to stay on the top of our head for longer. 
Effective And Proven Ingredients (FDA)
Multi-Tiered System With Several Products In One
Backed By A Reputable Company
Trial Offer To Test Product

You can visit LifeCell’s Hair Restoration Website Here.

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