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Price: $179

Free Trial: Yes, on website. 

Available In Stores: No

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Disclaimer: I purchased this product with my own money. I am not being endorsed by any companies. This is my own personal account and results may vary due to everyone’s skin being different.

Dermaset is one of those brands that I’ve never heard of but keep seeing everywhere. The Stem Cell 3-D Renewal Treatment is their flagship product. They claim it’s “the most powerful anti-aging formula recently only available to celebrities”. Sure. I love all things celebrities. Nearly all of my perfumes have a celebrity name attached to them. The idea of stem cells always made me think twice. I wasn’t really sure what to expect. After further research, I learned that they’re just plant stem cells. I placed an order for a trial and paid $4.95. My order came after 5 days.

First Impression: The cream comes in a tube! This is great. Tubes preserve the ingredients so the cream is effective and the ingredients don’t oxidize. The cream is kind of thick. It’s a little difficult to squeeze out. I’m not sure how users with arthritis would be able to use this. There isn’t any scent, another plus. I’m really excited to start using this cream tomorrow.

Day 1: I washed my face and applied the directed amount. It was easy to spread and absorbed quickly. It left behind a very matte, almost drying feeling. I didn’t want to mess up the integrity of this test, so I resisted the urge to apply my Clinique moisturizer on top. My skin didn’t feel soft. It felt chalky. Luckily for me, I live in Florida so by the end of the day the daily humidity I’m exposed to gave my skin some much needed moisture. I washed my face and applied DermaSet again. Once again, I’m chalky and dry. This is not the ideal way to go to sleep.

Day 7: By day 3, I couldn’t handle the drying factor. There is no way a product so drying could actually do anything positive for wrinkles. I called DermaSet’s customer service and asked if maybe I had received a faulty or expired tube. I explained the drying factor and apparently it’s very common. Okay… They suggested I wait 5 minutes after applying the treatment and then put my favorite moisturizer on top. I use Clinique Moisture Surge which is a neutral gel-cream that doesn’t contain any anti aging ingredients, just moisturizers. It should go without saying that I haven’t seen any difference at all in the appearance of my wrinkles and fine lines.

Day 14: This product claimed to do so much for skin “fast”. So far, all I’ve experienced is flaky, chalky skin. Even with an additional moisturizer, my skin is still dry. The cream is like a layer that doesn’t let anything get through. I’m sure this effective for something and there must be a market for it, but anti-aging is not it.

Day 30: I think I look older than I did before using DermaSet. Not in the sense that I have more wrinkles, but my skin is so dull and dry. I’m going to have to start moisturizing with oil for the next few days, as well as pick up an overnight moisture pack.

Final Thoughts: I don’t recommend this product. I am so happy I ordered a trial and didn’t pay full-price for this stuff. I can’t believe this company has the gall to charge $179 for a product that requires you to apply an additional moisturizer on top because it leaves your skin dry and chalky. After 30 days it came to me, this product feels just like the Neutrogena Sunscreen. Definitely not something you want to apply at night.

Quick Recap


Comes in a tube
Free Trial
Fast Shipping


X Dries out skin
X Leaves residue behind
X Sunscreen-like white cast
X Does not treat wrinkles
X Does not moisturize

There wasn’t a formal ingredient label on the website, so I’m not really sure what I was putting on my face this whole time. I requested a list be emailed to me but didn’t receive one.



CV Staff Kurt Winsleman
Kurt S. is a writer and product reviewer for Consumer Votes. He likes to try out and review almost every type of product, even beauty.
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