What Happened To Fidget Spinners?

Fidget spinners were one of the hottest ‘toy trends’ in the past five years. What’s more astonishing is the toy itself was both geared towards adults and children. It’s very rare that toy trends for adults as equally as it does for children. The secret lay in the fact it was such a simple toy, and rather it was a tool, a tool that allowed anyone to distract themselves or titillate the minor dopamine rush that comes from ‘fidgeting’ with something.

The product was also incredibly cheap, allowing for anyone to afford the product, and additionally, it was highly customizable.  Many companies joined the gold-rush by making fancier and more customizable versions of the fidget-spinners to cash in on the frenzy.  However, with most quick-hit-products, it slowly faded away. Although, we can still go into most stores and see discount boxes full of fidget spinners in an image to a once-hyped product.

Why Did The Trend Die So Fast?

Most trend products die out pretty quickly. A large part of this is due to market saturation. Fidget spinners were so cheap that everyone that wanted one, could have one that very moment. Tens of millions of fidget spinners were sold in a short period of time and satisfied the market need.  This quick saturation removed the need to continue hyping the product and reduced the market-need in an extremely fast way. In past trending products, let’s go with the tickle-me-Elmo, the product was quickly sold out of stores creating, even more, need and frenzy for the product.  This selling-out was due to the fact the product is slower and more difficult to manufacture (trademarks), and harder to ‘replicate’ by other companies than the fidget spinner.

The fidget spinner also had no proprietary factor, and even different versions could pass through and be technically a ‘fidget-spinner’ also.

Will The Fidget Spinner Revive?

In my opinion, the fidget spinner is already dead. It’s a ghost of a product past. We may still see the product in gas stations or other small convenience stores from time to time.  However, it will never regain the momentum that it originally had. So, now, we are merely waiting for the next toy to skyrocket to the forefront. My prediction is that there will be many children’s toys that trend over the years, but for a true frenzy, we will have to wait for the creation of another toy that is both suitable for children and adults equally.

CV Staff Kurt Winsleman

Kurt S. is a writer and product reviewer for Consumer Votes. He likes to try out and review almost every type of product, even beauty.

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