Why Your Business Needs To Try Nutshells CRM

Why Your Business Needs To Try Nutshells CRM

Before I get into the meat and potatoes of why Nutshell’s CRM is awesome for your business, I want first to explain why your company needs a CRM (customer relationship management) tool. CRM’s help businesses stay organized by tracking customer contact information, easily track sales and leads and manage your team. CRM’s also help make sales projects and overall help you optimize your business. Essentially, without a good CRM, your business is likely not running at its absolute best and you may be losing potential revenue.

So Why Should You Try Nutshells CRM?

You don’t have to take our word for it, Nutshell is free to try, and the platform speaks for itself. However, I want to do a run down on why I think this is such a great product, and why it’s worth switching from most expensive and bloated software such as Salesforce.

Customer Management: Nutshell makes it incredibly easy to manage your sales team. You can store all of your sales information in one place and track priority customers or leads. All of your client information is centralized such as contact details, product order history, and customer background. Nutshell also makes sure you provide excellent customer service by never forgetting to neglect your most important clients. Having this information all organized in one place is incredibly useful for having an all-star sales and customer support team.

Sales Prioritization: Never lose out on potential revenue. Nutshell helps you prioritize your most important big fish customers. The software will send you reminders not to miss that big sales call and will assign new leads automatically to your sales team.

Visual Data: Nutshell helps you visualize your team’s performance. Pull up your sales history and find trends to either capitalize on or avoid and correct.
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